Chewton land sharing opportunity

Daria Healy-Aarons has 16 acres of land in Chewton suitable for sharing.

This tour will show you over this land and you will hear about Daria's history of creating alternative dwellings, including homes from school portables, and a tiny house from a stripped out cabin.

We will meet at 2pm on Saturday, 29 September, not far along the Browns Ave turn off from Fryers Road, Chewton, where there is land with a few containers on it (you can't miss them).

Might be best to park in Fryers Road, near the Browns Ave turnoff, wear walking shoes and bring a water bottle.

Another member has called our attention to two interesting articles:
  • 'Co-op' by Eleanor Chapman in Green: Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design #44: 64–69
  • 'DecoHousing: Co-Housing on the Edge of Town' by Jess Prince in Earth Garden #184