At our last meeting for 2017, we decided to defer delegating organisational work to group volunteers until our February meeting in 2018.

Martine talked about her land in Campbells Creek and the hurdles she was encountering with government regulations and processes in planning for collective use of the land. Martine discussed with architect Trevor Scott different options for building in detached and attached ways, siting buildings and sharing infrastructure.

We identified some topics for talks in 2018, including:
  • more details on each of the options for legal structures for collective living, such as cooperatives, owners corporations and community land trust, and
  • tiny houses.
The cohousing group want to run some workshops on
  • the how, what, where and why of selecting and purchasing land collectively, and
  • exactly what resources, spaces, skills and knowledge the emerging cohousing group would want to share in their residential project.