Murrnong tour 14 August

After her talk a fortnight earlier, Carolyn Nielson took nine of us on a tour (Monday 14 August) of the subdivided 10 acres of land that residents self-manage under the Murrnong Body Corporate legal form drawn up with assistance from a lawyer and guidance from similar intentional and land sharing communities.
Their land was subdivided as four individual lots each 1000m2, with the remainder one a common title including responsibility for gardens and infrastructure.
We viewed their low impact homes and the collective arrangement of their water, waste and power services.
Their 2002–2003 visioning process included over-all design, clustering of certain facilities and services, aiming for land with proximity to Castlemaine CBD independence of cars and integration within the Castlemaine community.
All this has been effectively and efficiently acheived in the small settlement 15 years later.
Thanks Murrnong and, especially, Carolyn Neilson.
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